Mires Uncovered (2013)

A story about one of the most interesting but also endagered habitats of Latvia.

Dāvis Drazdovskis, Ieva Goba, Kaspars Goba, Lelde Goba

Natural raised bogs are among Europe’s rarest and most endangered biotopes. These mires are not just places with beautiful scenery for walking or berry-picking, but are also the home of many rare plants and animals. Latvia can boast of a comparatively large area of mire biotopes because of its historical and geographical circumstances. However, the draining of mires, peat mining, planting of forests and the re-cultivation of land which has taken place over past decades has had a negative impact and therefore management and restoration of existing raised bogs is important.

In the film you will see how Latvian scientists research mires and implement protective and management measures at four NATURA 2000 sites – nature reserves at Aizkraukle Mire and forests in Aizkraukle Municipality, at Aklais Mire in Jaunjelgava Municipality, at Rožu Mire in Sala Municipality and at Melnais Lake Mire near Rīga.