Life in Motion

LIFE IN MOTION is a cooperation project of foundation Elm Media and Bergen International Film Festival.

Despite of the on-going cultural cooperation of Baltic and Nordic countries the intercultural dialogue between both countries is still rather undeveloped and available to a limited circle of the society (people working in the areas of art, higher education, science). At the wider society the level of awareness about the life in the other country is still relatively low and based on stereotypes that all Norwegians are rich and Latvians live in the edge of Eastern Europe and goes to Norway to work in low-paid jobs.

Objective of the project is to use creative potential and cooperation of Latvian and Norwegian photographers and anthropologists to create a joint travelling exhibition on Latvians in Norway and Norwegians in Latvia with photo portraits, short videos and life stories of them.
Exhibition will allow both societies to look at themselves from a different perspective and to better understand employees of the other and to promote tolerance and intercultural dialogue.

Since representatives of different social groups is portrayed during the Project their portraits is reflecting different life styles and cultural diversity. The project authors were looking at how people perceive belonging to a certain culture (and whether they feel closer to their own country or to the host country) and how they develop and maintain this sense in belonging. Results you can see at “Life in Motion” webpage.

Project “Life in Motion” is implemented with European Econimic Area (EEA) financial mechanizm program LV04 “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” (total agreement amount 80 491,94 EUR from which 89,44% is EEA and state aid ( from those 85% AAE and 15% state aid). Project number is EEZLV04/GSKA/2013/32.