Engure. The Lake Given by the Sea (2006)

How would history of Latvia sound like, if told by the lake?

Director and cinematographer: Kaspars Goba
Scriptwriters: Kaspars Goba, Guntars Daģis
Computer graphics: Aigars Gercāns
Additional camera: Ainārs Auninš, Andris Priedītis, Otars Opermanis
Music: Juris Kulakovs

The story of one of Latvia’s most unique lakes and its fate during various political eras, seen through the people who have experienced these changes. Film shows the lake men – fishermen, ornithologists, hunters, reed harvesters, nature reserve workers and farmers, each of whom tells his story of the lake.

The film has been awarded in the international film festival Ekotopfilm in Slovakia and participated in the international environmental film festival SUN CHILD in Armenia in 2007.
The film was created in cooperation with Latvian Nature Fund, Latvian Nature Protection Fund, Lake Engure Nature Park, Engure municipality and Mērsrags municipality. In 2007 it participated in the international film festival “Ekotopfilm” in Slovakia as well as Sun Child film festival in Armenia.