They Were The First (2013)

Documentary “They Were The First” reminds seven Syrian refugees story when state officials of Latvia didn’t know what to do. They were on the street without papers, without money, without local language skills,… Continue reading

Life in Motion

LIFE IN MOTION is a cooperation project of foundation Elm Media and Bergen International Film Festival.

Protected nature areas of Latvia

Gauja National Park

Kemeri National Park

Razna National Park

Slitere National Park

Mires Uncovered (2013)

A story about one of the most interesting but also endagered habitats of Latvia.

HOMO@LV (2010)

In the summer of 2005, two guys came up with an idea to organise an unprecedented event – a festive lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people’s parade through the streets of Riga, the… Continue reading

Engure. The Lake Given by the Sea (2006)

How would history of Latvia sound like, if told by the lake?

Life in the Mire (2008)

The story focuses on scientists’ efforts to research and protect unique marsh biotopes in Latvia.

Seda. People of the Marsh (2004)

In Seda, a remote peat miners’ town in Latvia, time seems to be frozen in the Soviet era.

The Green City (2003)

Can Riga be a hideout for unique nature areas, known only by few?